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The Shooters, Greens and Labor Party have voted to block greater transparency in the NSW water market in a disgraceful display of political games last night in the NSW Upper House.

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said their decision to vote down the NSW Nationals Water Transparency and Accountability Bill was a kick in the guts for regional communities across NSW.

“Water Transparency is my number one priority, it is vital for our regional communities, and this was an opportunity for us all to make improvements in water transparency and accountability for the greater good of regional NSW,” Mrs Pavey said. 

“Last night the Shooters, Greens and Labor Party in the Upper House voted down a government framework that would create greater transparency in water trading and accountability for Parliamentarians in relation to water ownership.

“Our Bill outlined improvements to water transparency not at the expense of the privacy of mum and dad farmers.

“Labor, the Shooters and the Greens are willing to create “Aussie Farms 2.0” by publishing individual address’s online, and create water speculation where the market can be manipulated.

“The unholy alliance has struck again, revealing their true motive, to play politics with the lives of regional families.”

The ACCC report published last week found that publishing identifying details will result in significant negative consequences.

“We are already miles ahead of other basin states in our efforts to improve transparency – the Ministerial Council meeting in June this year had all Ministers agree to work collectively to share information and develop a single-source information portal for the Murray–Darling Basin,” Mrs Pavey said. 

“It is disappointing that those who are supposed to be representing the best interests of our communities are pitting farmer against farmer.

“During hearings held by a parliamentary inquiry, the NSW Farmers, NSW Irrigators Council, Namoi Water, Griffith and Lachlan Councils and the Rice Growers Association all voiced their concerns over the Shooter’s pitiful attempt at legislation around water transparency.

“The Shooters have flown their flag with Labor and the Greens – the Shooters are the biggest threat to regional NSW.”

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