Significant changes to security and penalties for illegally climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be introduced.

Along with a series of structural changes to reduce the risk of security breaches, the fine will be increased from $3,300 to $22,000.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said the NSW Government is delivering on a promise to toughen up deterrents.

“The people of Sydney have had enough of being held to ransom by one person, irrespective of their circumstance, with a personal agenda to seek attention and cause gridlock across our city, Mrs Pavey said.”

“While we are sympathetic to someone’s personal situation, illegally climbing the bridge is not only extremely dangerous, it also endangers the lives of thousands of drivers who use it every day.”

The penalty is now in line with illegally climbing the Sydney Opera House.

“It was out of step that someone who runs on the field at the SCG during a sporting event could be out of pocket more than a person illegally climbing the Harbor Bridge causing major traffic congestion for tens of thousands of drivers.”

Over the past six months Roads and Maritime has carried out five Security and Threat Assessments for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Changes include raising the internal height of barrier fencing, installation of greater anti-climb mesh and additional surveillance cameras.

“While you can never 100% security proof the bridge, these new measures will go a long way in deterring future attempts.”


  • Penalty increased from $3,300 to $22,000
  • Fine now the same as illegally climbing Sydney Opera House
  • Increased security measures including installation of higher barrier fencing,
    anti- climb mesh and additional surveillance cameras