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Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey, alongside member for the North Shore Felicity Wilson, today announced the commencement of work to install lifts on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at The Rocks and Kirribilli.

Mrs Pavey said the NSW Government fast tracked $5 million last financial year to finalise project planning and ensure that one of the world’s most iconic pieces of infrastructure is more accessible for people with a disability, who use prams or who have difficulty climbing stairs.

“With more than 3,000 pedestrians making their way across the bridge each day, the NSW Government is investing in improvements so that the bridge is open for everyone,” Mrs Pavey said.

“These new lifts are fantastic news for the thousands of pedestrians who cannot currently access this amazing bridge.

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the Australia’s most well-known heritage structures and we have a design that is both functional and considerate of the heritage of this national icon.”

Ms Wilson said the 61 steps on Broughton Street at Kirribilli and 64 steps at Cumberland Street in The Rocks could be the difference between people experiencing the Sydney Harbour Bridge first-hand or only from a distance.

“The view from the bridge is spectacular and I’m really pleased that this work means that soon everyone will be able to experience it from the deck of the bridge,” Ms Wilson said.

“When the bridge was opened in 1932 access wasn’t a consideration as it is now, so it makes sense that the bridge moves with the times to make it inclusive.”

Initial work to build the lifts will include setting up a site compound, removing part of a City of Sydney building at 7 Cumberland Street at The Rocks and landscaping the area.

*Artists impression of new Southern lifts