Across the nation state governments of all political persuasions have continually adopted the user pays model to fund motorways. A user pays model, aka toll roads, pays for the road and only charges those who use it.  That means it reduces the burden on all taxpayers, freeing up capital to invest in more public transport, which is just what we’re delivering.

The options are simple.  Avoid a toll road, take the free option and be faced driving rat runs around Sydney or pay the toll and benefit from a smoother, faster more efficient journey saving you time and stress.

This week we announced the first section of the F6 Extension, which will allow drivers to bypass 23 sets of traffic lights and save up to 15 minutes on each journey, which is now fully funded and open for community feedback.

It’s an important piece of infrastructure to feed into the Sydney network, a network that we’re creating and delivering with the support of tolls so that we can also spend money on public transport.

Our focus is on delivering for the future to ensure we actually have a new age of infrastructure not only in Sydney but across NSW. 

We’re engaging with the community about our tolling policy.  Compare this to our opponents who sit in the wilderness, ducking and weaving as they consistently oppose our infrastructure pipeline without offering any solution to make your lives, easier, simpler and more affordable.

Labor had 16 years in government where they promised to deliver for Southern Sydney. They failed to build the F6, they were a party scared of picking up a shovel.  We are a government that is rolling up our sleeves and getting on with the job. We’re tackling the big congestion problems across Sydney and the announcement yesterday was just another example of a government delivering the infrastructure desperately needed.  

Independent motoring body NRMA’s Peter Khoury says the data doesn’t lie. Take a toll road and you get to your destination 75% faster. Impressive stats meaning more time to do what you want. “There is a clear benefit to using tolls. Our research also shows toll users use 30% less on fuel putting on average at least 20 dollars back into their pockets each week. And let’s not forget, for every toll road, there is always a free alternative, so the choice is there,” Pete Khoury said.

We get that cost of living is an issue and people want governments to help reduce the burden of driving on the network.  That’s why if motorists spend more than $25 a week, on average, over a 12 month period on tolls they’re eligible for free vehicle registration, that’s a potential saving of up to $715 a year.  That is money back in the pockets of those who choose a smoother, faster and more efficient drive.

NSW Labor cannot say how they will fund a single road. The Opposition Leader sits on the fence collecting splinters instead of capturing the community’s desire for a vision about the future.  He use to be indecisive now he is just not sure.