MORE POLICE FOR the macleay valley

Add your name to the petition below to help bring more Police into our community.

The Macleay Valley needs a town-based specialised drug squad to fight the scourge of drugs, and, to track down the dealers who hurt our community.

At the end of last year, too many residents in our communities were victims of break-ins from drug addicts feeding their heroin addiction. The stories of the victims are harrowing. While the amount of break-in reduced by 50 per cent, December 2018, due to some ringleaders being put behind bars, we need to do more.

I have been assured by local Police Commander, Paul Fehon, that we have two patrol units working every Friday and Saturday night through the district. These are supplemented if required by the dog squad, or our local team of detectives, or the Tactical Action Group (based in Kempsey) to deal with localised incidents.

We have the strongest number of police the region has seen, but we need more. Currently there are 41 general duties working out of Kempsey, 22 in the Nambucca Valley, a team of six officers in Wauchope and in the Bellingen Valley.

Please sign the petition above to support more police and bring on own local drug squad.

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