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The NSW Government will fast-track the delivery of new fit-for-purpose social housing properties across the State through a pilot program aimed at getting high-quality affordable housing built quickly.

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said about 100 new one and two storey homes will be constructed on around 50 suitable sites scattered across metropolitan and regional areas through the Fast-Tracked Social Housing Pilot Program.

“This initiative will deliver more well-designed homes and provide new social housing faster and more efficiently,” Mrs Pavey said.

“This pilot will deliver suitable housing that complies with rigorous design and building standards and Councils’ zoning rules three time faster than traditional processes – speeding up the delivery of new well-designed homes across NSW by up to a year.

Small scale dual occupancy homes and manor houses with backyards for families will be built on underutilised lots.

Mrs Pavey said these types of homes can provide attractive and affordable housing for our society’s most vulnerable across the State.

“The Government’s pilot program will not only provide well-designed quality homes for those in need, it will help stimulate the NSW economy and create much-needed construction jobs.

Housing Industry Association NSW Executive Director David Bare said the pilot program is a great initiative by the NSW Government to showcase the type and quality of low-rise medium-density housing that the industry can deliver.

HomeWorld Chair Mike Scott said his organisation strongly supports the Pilot Program as another means of delivering more much-needed social housing, working with the NSW Government.

The Pilot Program forms part of the NSW Government’s Future Directions Policy for Social Housing – a 10-year plan to drive better outcomes for tenants by providing more and better social housing.

 The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) will work with project home builders to deliver ‘off-the-shelf’ designed properties at a reduced cost to taxpayers, through the Pilot Program.

The NSW Government is calling on project home builders with suitable expertise in designing and building dual occupancies and manor houses to lodge an Expression of Interest application.

For more information and to lodge an application visit here.