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I strongly support our local timber industry and want to set the record straight.

Our local timber industry is absolutely legitimate, it is sustainable and renewable, it is managed by science-trained professionals, it is highly valued, and it benefits the community.

The facts are:

1. Our North Coast timber mills directly employ 775 people,  and many more are indirectly employed ;

2. Of the area of publicly-owned forest estate on the NSW North Coast: 2,721,632 hectares is reserved from harvesting, while 366,418 hectares is available for harvesting. In percentage terms, this is 88% and 12%;

3. The industry is administered by scientifically trained professionals, and strict rules govern forest, harvest and ecology management;

4. All forests should be actively managed to protect against fire, pests, weeds and other threats; and

5. Changing tenure of an area of land – say from State Forest to National Park – does not in itself ‘save’ or ‘protect’ fauna or flora, and more large-scale tenure change is not warranted.

I’m asking for your support to set the record straight on our forestry and timber industry.

I know our community needs employment, wants a sustainable timber industry and values effective, realistic conservation.

We do have them all.

Let’s continue to have them all!

Save Our Timber Jobs

NSW Koala Strategy

Authorised by M Pavey, 37 Elbow Street, West Kempsey NSW 2440. 

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Save Our Timber Jobs