Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey has called on Robert Borsak to clarify his party’s position on the Murray Darling Bain Plan following a split between two of his lower house MPs, Roy Butler and Helen Dalton.

Member for Barwon Roy Butler has appeared on the ABC, stating criticism of South Australia’s approach to the Basin plan was not justified.

Mr Butler says; “Based on what I’ve even seen in the short time now, I don’t think it’s justified, no”.

Meanwhile Member for Murray Helen Dalton has taken the opposite position, criticising South Australia for taking too much water.

Mrs Dalton’s own website states; “This inconvenient truth is largely ignored by the SA Royal Commission and media, who are pushing the usual line: NSW farmers take too much water from the Murray Darling Basin, so we need more “environmental flows” to SA’s struggling Coorong region. South Australia, who want more, more, more; are the only state not facing water restrictions”.

Mrs Pavey said Mr Borsak and the Shooters Party can’t have it both ways, depending on where they are, and who the audience is.

“He’s got one of his MPs saying one thing, and the other promoting the exact opposite,” Mrs Pavey said.

“NSW is experiencing the worst drought on record. The Shooters can either share our concerns for the state of NSW or they can continue to advocate on behalf of the people of South Australia.

“We’re fighting to secure water for our regional towns, and tough decisions have to be made.”