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When the Premier and I announced the congestion busting Sydney Gateway project the big picture became clearer. This isn’t just a new road around an airport, it’s one piece of a much bigger transport puzzle, connecting Sydney like never before. 

And it wasn’t long before Labor’s scaremongering started, claiming the new road would be tolled if we are reelected next March.  No, it will stay toll free. In a sign of desperation, Labor trotted out the same old lines about congestion during construction, but could offer zero plans to fix the problem.

Take a look around this city and state – we are playing catch up for 16 years of Labor inaction. Now, thanks to this governments good economic management, we can deliver the projects this state needs.

Sydney Gateway will connect the new M5 Interchange at St Peters and the Airport and Port Precinct. This will mean a relocation and reconfiguration of Airport Drive, connecting into the International Terminal. The people of Western Sydney will benefit the most.  Penrith to the departure gate at the domestic terminal without a single set of traffic lights. Slashing travel times by 40 minutes.  

We will also see the duplication of a three-kilometre section of the Port Botany freight rail line between Botany and Mascot. This will take trucks off local roads by shifting more freight from road to rail, increasing capacity and improving service reliability to Sydney’s ports.  We know one train is equal to about 50 trucks off local roads.

The Freight and Logistics council Chair Philip Davies sees the significance of this puzzle piece. “(The announcement by the NSW Government) will help to provide some of the certainty freight logistics operators have been seeking.” In short, we’re delivering ‘certainty’ for business and local communities, all Labor is offering is commentary.    

So what’s Labor’s alternative?- What new road, tunnel will be built to fix the problem? Luke Foley is shovel shy, has no vision, no plans other than to say he’ll negotiate with Sydney Airport to offer a reduction in public transport fares to the airport. That’s his solution to easing the gridlock at Sydney airport and surrounding suburbs like Mascot, Alexandria and Rosebery.  So, if Labor has its way, there will be no Gateway, no free flowing traffic solutions, just another dead end and no end to gridlock.

When Sydney Gateway is completed in 2023 –  the Sydney transport puzzle will be in place.  The people of Sydney know, if Labor is left to construct our transport network, there will be more than a few pieces missing.